Canada’s Energy Future

Canada’s Energy Future

Imagine a future with a cleaner environment, a future in which Canada is seen as a leader in innovative clean-energy solutions.

Continued use of fossil fuels as our primary energy source and the resulting greenhouse gases and other pollutants contribute to climate change and other environmental problems. Meanwhile, resource costs could continue to rise if supplies become scarce and more difficult to extract. Canada could overcome many of these problems by developing a strategy to ensure that our energy systems are secure, affordable, and free from harmful emissions and other environmental effects.

To this end, the David Suzuki Foundation and Canadian Academy of Engineering have joined to create the Trottier Energy Futures Project, named for entrepreneur, engineer, and philanthropist Lorne Trottier, whose Trottier Family Foundation provided funding for the five-year project.

With input and ideas from energy and economic experts, as well as from Canadians from all walks of life, we can create this future.

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